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Ghost Mannequin Service

In the garment industry, accurate, clear and detailed images of the clothing being portrayed is of the utmost importance. No one really wants to focus on the mannequin supporting clothing apparel and that is where Ghost Mannequin Service adds customer value to the image. Skilled technicians in the art of providing neck joint services remove the portion of the image displaying the mannequin and replace it with what you would see if the mannequin was a ghost image.

This might include the inside back of the garment at the neck line and also the shoulder areas. Several images can be blended to provide a complete image of a garment as if the garment is suspended in mid air by a ghost mannequin. These detail images add value to the image and the website, magazine and apparel marketing material to provide the end customer with a more realistic view of the garment. The customer can view every aspect of the image and the garment prior to making a purchase decision.

Our technician’s are available to provide this service around the clock. They can provide photo editing, retouching and photo enhancement to meet your needs. Our skills have been honed over years of providing these services and will reduce your turn around time significantly.

Ghost Mannequin Service is not only limited to preparing photos with ghost mannequins. Removing the background from images, enhancing the photo to accurately bring out the garments true color and detail is also part of the Ghost Mannequin service we provide.