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Neck Joint Service

Neck joint editing services include editing of images of garments such as shirts, jackets or sweaters for display on websites and traditional marketing distribution. Images taken by expert photographers or even the amateurs can be edited to remove unwanted side images such as the mannequin the garment is mounted on or even images that the photographer unwittingly included in the master.

Images can be enhanced to add lighter tones, remove background items, add texture and even reflect inside the garment when a ghost mannequin image is created. The new image in many cases will be better than the original image and reflect the real object in accurate detail. It takes many years to develop these skills to edit images in particular neck joint editing.

Our experts are available around the clock for consultation and neck joint editing services. Send us your images of the garment with the mannequin and images of the interior of the garment. We will remove the mannequin, add the interior background in the appropriate places to create a new image that accurately reflects the shirt, sweater or jacket as if it is suspended in thin air on a ghost mannequin!

If you need minor touch up of an existing image, we can handle that as well with our expert neck joint editing service. Our technicians will use the latest software and skills honed over many years to improve your image making it suitable for your online store, website or even for use in traditional image marketing material.